Donald Trump Loses It, Calls for Iowa Do-Over. Seriously.

I think we were all kind of pleasantly surprised when Donald Trump took his loss in Iowa with relative good grace on caucus night. My working theory is that Trump has been down sick with a cold that started at some point over the weekend, and that was pretty evident in his Sunday show appearances, as well as the Iowa rally I visited on Monday. Yesterday at his NH presser he sounded better, but not completely well.


This morning, however, he woke up and gave us the pre-school tantrum we’ve all been expecting, and it is glorious.

There are a lot of things that Donald Trump knows almost nothing about, and one of them is apparently how a democracy works. “My opponent was mean to me” or “my opponent said things that were not true” is not a basis for doing an election over or throwing out a candidate’s votes. Never has been in the history of the Republic. Which, frankly, is a good thing for Trump because roughly 80% of what falls out of his mouth is an absolute lie. But what, exactly, was the big tough guy’s complaint?   


Look, I wasn’t crazy about the flyers, but that’s not what the word “fraud” means, Donald. Second, the issue with the Carson campaign was based on a report by CNN, which was not Cruz’s fault, and which also does not constitute “fraud.” Third, this kind of despicable BS is worse than anything Howard Dean ever did.

Get lost, Trump. Go start your third party run, which is clearly what you’re setting yourself up to do here. We’ll take our chances with Cruz/Rubio vs. you and Hillary any day.



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