Trump: I Never Asked for Megyn Kelly to be Removed (VIDEO)

CNN’s Brianne Keillor just interviewed Trump on his plane in Iowa, and it was the most incredible stream of bovine fecal material I have literally ever heard. When I say “just” I mean that this JUST happened, so I haven’t had time to clip the video down, so just watch the whole thing. In the course of this interview, listen for the following ludicrous claims:

  • He never asked for Megyn Kelly to be removed from Fox’s debate team.
  • Some unnamed person from Fox News called and apologized to him (I don’t know for what, allegedly) and begged him to come. Again, emphasis on unnamed. He can’t come to the debate though because now he’s got this thing for vets to do tonight.
  • Ted Cruz lied about him by saying that he had that widow’s house ripped down, which he has bragged on video about trying to do. “I never ripped her house down,” says Trump in this video. True, but not for lack of trying.
  • He says makes reference to things being “unfair” or to himself being treated “unfairly” at least 8 times.

Watch the rest of this trainwreck for yourselves.



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