Another Major Endorsement for Cruz (and Rubio?)


Ben Sasse is one of the best Senators we have endorsed here at RedState. Since he got to Washington, he has kept the faith remarkably well, and stayed true to conservative principles. He has been a quiet rock star in the conservative movement who has seen his star ascending. So he’s heading to neighboring Iowa to campaign for.. basically, anyone but Trump.

Sen. Ben Sasse is heading to Iowa to campaign against Donald Trump over the next two days, with plans to appear at events for Senate colleagues Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and “possibly other constitutional candidates,” according to a statement from the Nebraska Republican’s office.

“We are in a moment of constitutional crisis. America already has one post-constitutional party; we don’t need another,” Sasse said in the statement, two days after he unleashed a rapid-fire series of questions for Trump on Twitter.


With the rest of the fat cats in the Senate lining up behind the Trump train because they recognize that he will do nothing to harm their pet projects or their crony capitalism, it’s refreshing to see that there are still some Senators for whom conservative principles actually matter. Well done, Ben Sasse.