The State Department's Ridiculous Excuse for Delaying the Final Release of Hillary's Emails

The State Department has been ordered by a Federal Judge to release the last batch of Clinton’s emails by no later than January 29th, just three days before the Iowa caucuses. The State Department just filed a motion to have the final release delayed until February 29th – coincidentally after the first four primaries in the country. Lawyers for Jason Leopold, the journalist whose lawsuit forced the issue in the first place, are having none of it.

The journalist whose lawsuit forced the release of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails filed a motion Monday in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia alleging that the State Department’s requested delay on its last release of more Clinton emails will mean that the U.S. voting public will be “irreversibly harmed.”

Lawyers for Jason Leopold, a Vice News reporter, said in the motion that State’s latest delay — which the agency blamed on Winter Storm Jonas — would push the final email release to Feb. 29.

That would be after Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina had all voted in their respective caucuses and primaries.

Look, Winter Storm Jonas has been a major bummer for all the poor people in DC that we all feel very sorry for, but some snowfall does not mean that it’s going to take an extra month for Hillary’s servers to spit out some emails.

Clinton still holds a national lead over Bernie Sanders, but if she loses Iowa, then it will cause a domino effect that will almost certainly mean that she will lose New Hampshire as well. If she loses both IA and NH, and her lead in South Carolina is dwindling, well.. no telling what might happen. The bottom line is that Hillary Clinton dares not lose Iowa this time around.

Each successive release of Clinton emails has been more embarrassing than the last, with the latest including the revelation that Clinton had on her server material that was classified above Top Secret. If an even more damaging batch is released on Friday, she may well be doomed nationwide.

Of course, if worst comes to worst and the judge rules against the State Department, I am sure Trump will find a way to save her from a bad news cycle yet again.

Bernie Sanders has been careful to stay away from the email issue in the debates and on the campaign trail, but that having been said, I bet he wishes he had an entire cabinet department in his pocket.