This Just In: Chris Christie is Kind of a Jerk

I mean, you probably knew this already, but Chris Christie has two gears: zero and full metal jack*ss. In a recent town hall in New Hampshire, he went from one to the other in the span of about 10 seconds. The interaction started well enough when a woman stood up to ask a question and said she was from New Jersey. Christie made small talk with her, and then this happened:


As it happens, I mostly agree that there’s not a lot that the Governor can personally do to fix damages from a flood. But that certainly wasn’t the impression Christie himself tried to create in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, when the Governor’s response to a flood was CRITICALLY IMPORTANT. Second, it feels like there might have been a way to point out that there wasn’t a lot for him to do without going to full sneering condescension on a random New Hampshire voter, but if Chris Christie believed that, he wouldn’t be Chris Christie.

Hat tip: Twitchy.


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