We Have a Choice to Make

This is a very simple post with a very simple point. I think more or less we are agreed that anything like comprehensive immigration reform is off the table for any of the current likely nominees. Certainly it is off the table for either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, who are the two candidates with obvious paths to the nomination.


Just like it was off the table when Obama’s executive actions on immigration caused a flood of illegal immigrant children from central America who crossed the border without their parents in 2014. At that time, Glenn Beck went down to McAllen, TX to help provide humanitarian aid to the kids with the express understanding that the kids would be sent back to their homes and not allowed to stay. The basic theory being that even lawbreakers are entitled to humane treatment.

One of the people who joined Glenn Beck in this effort was Ted Cruz, who was clear at the time that he opposed any measure that would allow them to stay, but supported ensuring that they were properly cared for during the deportation process.

So the choice we have to make is whether we are going to be the kind of political party, or movement, that elevates people to power who would attack someone politically for providing soccer balls and teddy bears to kids, or not.



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