John Kasich Has Lost His Damn Mind.

For being the supposed “reasonable” candidate in the GOP race, John Kasich says a lot of crazy things. Here he is on Hugh Hewitt, completely unprompted, saying that all his opponents are the “prince of darkness” while he is the “prince of hope and light.” I am not kidding.



Kasich: Well, I think it’s some things, I think first of all I have the experience, and I’ve had success, and I’ve been a reformer all of my life… and, uh, I have a message that, you know, we know a lot of candidates are like the prince of darkness, you know, I consider myself the prince of light and hope.

Truly unbelievable. Again, at no point did Hugh Hewitt ask John Kasich to explain how he was like Jesus and all the other candidates were like Satan, Kasich just went there all on his own out of nowhere. As incredible as it may seem, Donald Trump is NOT the biggest megalomaniac in the GOP race.


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