It's Official: Palin Endorses Trump

Well, this was more or less expected news. The final insult contained in this ridiculous charade is that the Trump campaign did not even release the news to one of the news organizations like Breitbart who have knelt before them in fawning servitude since day one, but instead leaked it to… the New York Times.

The Palins are just such ridiculous people. Today’s crapshow really showcased the high-tension neurosis that defines everything they are nowadays. Ted Cruz’s campaign manager released a fairly innocuous statement saying that if Palin endorsed Trump, he thought it might hurt Palin’s image. Nothing personally derogatory about Palin at all, and in fact Cruz himself tweeted earlier today that even if Palin endorsed Trump, he would remain a fan of hers.

So Sarah sends out her daughter’s not-very-talented ghostwriter to produce this utterly classless attack on Cruz that basically makes a huge deal out of the fact that Ted Cruz has said complimentary things about her in the past, and concludes with “no one likes you.”

Keep in mind that nothing Cruz said was even 10% as insulting as Trump knocking McCain for choosing her over Romney as VP in 2008. This is the same Sarah Palin who freaked out at long time ally Erick Erickson because someone else on this blog posted a photoshopped picture of her (that was not insulting in any way).

Anyway, I’m sure Trump is glad to have the aid of this huge, super classy family.

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