Tune in to RedState on January 31st for the Best Iowa Caucus Coverage

We are excited to announce that we are going to be unrolling a new level of coverage of the Iowa caucuses this year, as I (and possibly other RedState contributors) will be traveling to Iowa on January 31st with lots of fancy video equipment to get you the best live coverage of the first votes cast in 2016. Our intention is to attend live rallies on Sunday, the 31st for several major candidates, including Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, and perhaps even Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.


We will conduct exclusive interviews with supporters of all the major candidates and bring you live on the ground footage. The candidates do not have their schedules posted yet but as soon as we know which rallies we will be attending and when, we will let you know so that you can be sure to tune in to see your favorite candidate give his last pitch to Iowa voters.

Then, on Monday, February 1st, we are going to be attending as many actual caucus locations as we can, to bring you live footage of the proceedings and coverage you won’t find anywhere else on TV or on the Internet.

We are excited to be able to bring this to you and hope you’ll join us.


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