Mark Levin Has Had Enough of Donald Trump's Crap

So Donald Trump had a very bad weekend. He got booed, he said crazy things that everyone made fun of, and to top it all of, he returned to the workweek to find Mark Levin opening his show with not one but two full segments absolutely unloading on him.


This is a bigger deal than Trump or his people want to admit. Levin has been one of the leading people in the country selling the idea that Trump is an acceptable conservative candidate. Now Levin and I have not always seen eye to eye, but credit where credit is due, Levin is more willing than most in his position to admit error. Via the Right Scoop, the opening half hour of his show was absolutely brutal on Trump for his behavior over the last week, and over the weekend in particular.

I can’t figure out how to embed the audio here, so go click and listen for yourself. Levin calls him an “Alinskyite” and says he’s “sick of discussing stupid issues” because of Trump.

We all knew it would come to this, but it’s encouraging to see nonetheless.

This is even farther than Levin went on his Facebook page this weekend, when he posted the following:




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