Trump Rents Out Iowa Theater to Show Benghazi Movie

Photo by Michael Vadon on Flickr

By all accounts, Trump does not have a very good or well coordinated ground game in Iowa. There’s some dispute about how much that will matter in what looks (at the moment) to be a tight race between Trump and Cruz for first place. What Trump does have, however, is a showman’s knack that is unparalleled in recent GOP history.


The Trump campaign announced late yesterday that they will be renting out a theater in Urbandale, Iowa and offering free tickets to Iowans to come see the Benghazi movie 13 hours.

“Mr. Trump would like all Americans to know the truth about what happened at Benghazi,” the GOP presidential candidate’s Iowa co-chair Tana Goertz said Thursday night.

Trump will pay for the showing of “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” at 6 p.m. Friday at the Carmike Cobblestone 9 Theatre at 86th Street and Hickman Road, Goertz said.

“The theater is paid for. The tickets are paid for. You just have to RSVP,” she said.

This is, quite frankly, a brilliant play. A movie theater full of raucous Trump supporters watching the Benghazi movie will provide a great opportunity for them to network and solidify their support. It is doubtful that Trump himself will attend the event, but the movie will provide a focal point for crowd entertainment nonetheless.



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