All Eyes on Cruz and Rubio Again in Fox Business Debate Tonight (Debate Open Thread)

It’s just about time. Although Donald Trump will be in the center of the stage, Ted Cruz will be the center of attention. Trump will be going after him because Trump finally views him as a threat. Rubio will be going after him because he wants that spot.


Meanwhile, Rubio will be the center of attention from Kasich, Christie, and Bush, all of whom somehow believe taking over third place in New Hampshire will help them. Also don’t be surprised if the direct confrontation between Cruz and Rubio once again takes center stage.

Although the Trump/Cruz rumble has been heating up, which will be a new feature, the politics of the race will dictate that Cruz and Rubio will be the fulcrum of the conflict yet again tonight.

Enjoy the debate and chime in to the comments – open thread.


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