Carly Fiorina Joins the Cruz Birther Bandwagon

I’m convinced at this point that the Cruz “birther” non-issue should be a litmus test for whether a Presidential candidate is a serious person or not. The issue is not close on the merits, and any person of even reasonable intelligence and discernment can tell that it is a nothingburger. The only people who would actively peddle it are the misinformed, the unintelligent, or the dishonest – none of which is a good quality in a Presidential candidate.


When you throw in the fact that Trump (and now Fiorina) are trying to have their cake and eat it too by saying, “Hey, we don’t know if it’s a problem or not, we’re just saying other people have said there’s a problem and Ted should address it,” then you can also add cowardly to the list. Fiorina’s answer to the question on Cruz’s eligibility to be President is even worse than Trump’s, because in addition to being dishonest and cowardly, it is also nonsensical.

Republican presidential candidate and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina says she finds it odd it took so long for Ted Cruz to renounce his Canadian citizenship, and listed his renouncement in 2014 as one of the reasons people are so fed up with politicians.

“I just think it’s odd. Why would it take you this long to renounce a Canadian citizenship?” Fiorina said last week on the Heidi Harris Show last week. “Why would it take a year before you run for president? I think it’s one of the reasons that people get sort of tired of politicians.”


As Andrew Kaczynski points out, who out there has been saying, “Man, I’m so tired of politicians, they’re always taking so long to renounce their Canadian citizenship”? Absolutely no one. What a weak and ridiculous attack.

And make no mistake, treating this like a serious issue is exactly the same as being an open birther. This hemming and hawing about “people are questioning things” is no different from the way 9/11 truthers always cabin their nutjob conspiracy theories with “well, OTHER people have questions.” The Cruz birther theory is even less serious than 9/11 trutherism and respectable people shouldn’t be caught treating it that way in public.


I can’t even figure out what Fiorina is playing at here. She had her opportunity to rise to the top of the pack, then she fell short, and there’s no indication that she can rise to the top again. You have to assume that she knows that she is back to auditioning for the VP role. Why would she attack one of the guys with the best shot at the nomination, unless one of the other people in the field has asked her to do so as a condition of being THEIR VP?


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