Chris Christie is a Tiresome Blowhard

The media is trying to tell us that the flagging Chris Christie campaign is having a resurgence. There’s no real objective evidence of that, since his entire level of support is within the margin of error of most polls, but the media has to push this narrative in order to justify their coverage of Christie’s increasingly negative attacks on all the other Republicans in the field.


Christie’s schtick was entertaining in the early days of his governorship, when he turned his unique brand of invective against entrenched Democratic interests in New Jersey. There was a certain visceral satisfaction in watching him turn the well-practiced “poor me” routine of the various state employee unions on its head.

Seeing it turned on the other Republicans in the field, though, it gets old really quick, especially since it has become evident that most of Christie’s supposedly entertaining factual broadsides are unadulterated bovine fecal material. For instance, even those predisposed to like Christie for his entertainment value were forced to concede that literally every portion of his childish broadside against Marco Rubio was false. His jab at Bush’s economic record in Florida was so brazenly hypocritical that even the terminally inept Jeb campaign was widely seen as the clear victor in the exchange. And for all that he has (falsely) accused the other candidates (particularly Rubio) from running from his record, Christie has been basically cowering in fear from his own well established record on guns, now that guns are back in the limelight as an issue.


Here’s the worst part of Christie’s whole schtick, though. His entire debate appeal, throughout every one of the debates, has been to wearily interject himself into an argument between two of the other candidates on stage and plaintively ask why they are arguing with each other over issues, or each other’s records, or whatever it is they happen to be arguing about, and to say that we all need to focus on Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, on the actual campaign trail, he has cemented himself easily as the nastiest, most dishonest personal attack dog on the campaign trail. There comes a certain point where the hypocrisy gets a little too much to handle, particularly when all Christie is peddling is the same tiresome old crap.

It’s all the more galling in light of the fact that none of the Obama administration’s abuses that Christie decries might have ever happened if he had not publicly given Obama a wet, slobbery kiss for his handling of Hurricane Sandy during the closing days of the 2012 campaign. Christie defended his warm embrace of Obama’s alleged competence at the time by saying, you know, he’s just gotta be honest and compliment people when they deserve it – a motto he would do well to observe with respect to other Republicans, not just Barack Obama. If he had managed to muster even one of his trademark lines during that critical time period, there’s no telling how much America’s trajectory as a nation might have changed.


Chris Christie had his chance to make an impact on a Presidential race, and he passed on it. Now he’s just a tiresome blowhard pining for attention.



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