The Media Goes Full "Jesus Wept" Over Obama's Gun Control Crocodile Tears

If you live on the face of the Earth, you have probably heard that Obama cried today when discussing gun control. I’m not entirely sure why a politician crying is a newsworthy event; after all, John Boehner used to cry when discussing whether he preferred non-dairy creamer or half-and-half in his coffee. However, here is a representative sample of how the media is covering this event, courtesy of


This isn’t news coverage, it’s beatification. You can find a decent sampling of the rest of the feting here. The media is displaying the same kind of reaction to Obama’s publicity stunt that devout Christians display when they read the 11th chapter of the Gospel According to John.

If you spend even a moderate amount of time around professional reporters, the thing that will immediately strike you is how insanely cynical they are about everything. They are, basically the people South Park was talking about in the tweener wave episode (language warning, in case you’re completely unfamiliar with South Park).

Their willing disposal of their cynicism during the one occasion when it would have been most justified is borderline physically nauseating.


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