Al Qaeda is Now Running Interference for Hillary Clinton

Several weeks ago, Hillary Clinton made the claim that ISIS was using Donald Trump in their recruitment videos. This was fact checked by the media as completely and patently false. In fact, it turned out that the United States politicians used by ISIS in their recruitment videos were in fact Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.


This was obviously pretty embarrassing for Hillary Clinton, but not to worry: an Al Qaeda affiliate has apparently set out to correct their error by releasing a new video featuring Donald Trump (and, bizarrely, relevant current United States political figure Malcolm X). So while it still isn’t true that ISIS has used Donald Trump footage in recruitment videos, now at least Hillary can say that “terrorist groups” have used Trump footage in their recruitment videos – which is clearly something she has been itching to truthfully say forever. Score one for Clinton.

Look, Al Qaeda and ISIS are not stupid. They realize that Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State was the best thing that’s ever happened to their efforts in the Middle East. It used to be that they were mostly protest groups against Middle Eastern dictators, and now they are running the show in significant parts of the Muslim world.

One can only imagine the things extremist terrorist groups might accomplish with Hillary Clinton as the actual President of the United States. Certainly Al Qaeda and ISIS can imagine it. And that’s why they’re busy running interference for Hillary Clinton right now.


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