Illegal Immigrants Suing the State of Oregon for Not Giving them Driver's Licenses

This is the kind of thing that almost makes you want to vote for Donald Trump, just to respond to the sheer  chutzpah of some illegal immigrants. A group of illegal immigrants have decided to sue the State of Oregon because Oregon voters have decided to pass a law forbidding illegal immigrants from getting drivers’ licenses.


I am pretty far to the squishy side of the immigration issue, for a conservative. I favor some sort of path to legalization after the border has been secure, and as long as we can be sure that the immigrants we are letting in pay a fine, pay any back taxes, and learn English. I find a lot of the rhetoric from people like Ann Coulter to range from appalling to outright racist.

However, I find the open disrespect for this country and its laws by people who do not have the legal right to even be here to be much worse. And I’m further appalled, as an attorney, at the way courts generally handle suits like this.

Courts, who are supposed to be in the business of upholding the rule of law in this country, should be ordering any plaintiff in this suit who shows up in court and admits they are an illegal immigrant to be taken into custody by the bailiff and deported. That’s what the freaking law of this country says should happen and there isn’t really a lot of ambiguity about it. Then the court should invite the plaintiffs to submit briefs about their legal ability to continue this suit from Mexico.

Instead, the whole idea of actually deporting people who voluntarily declare in open court that they are in this country illegally is considered completely out of the question. Worse, there’s a reasonable chance that that the crackpot judiciary of the State of Oregon will allow them to succeed.


I’m not going to sit here and say that I never break the law in this country. I’ve been known to speed sometimes or float through a stop sign every now and then. I try to have the good common sense not to do it right in front of cops, and if I do, I accept the reality that I get pulled over and have to deal with the consequences.

On the other hand, an entire class of people now exists in America whose first act in this country was to break American laws. They have learned, if this lawsuit is any indication, that there is no punishment associated with breaking American laws. This doesn’t bode well for their future behavior as American citizens, nor does it indicate that they are people we want in this country at all.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult in this country to want to be generous and forgiving towards the illegal immigrant community, thanks largely to the activist efforts of their leaders.



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