Taliban Bombs Spanish Embassy in Kabul

Details on this story are still sketchy but it appears that the Taliban has bombed the embassy district in Kabul, causing several casualties in the Spanish embassy. There is apparently (per CNN and the BBC) an ongoing firefight in the area. The Spanish government is denying that their Embassy was the direct target of the Taliban attacks:


Initial reports suggest the Spanish embassy was under attack, but Spain’s prime minister denied this.

The Taliban say their fighters detonated a car bomb in the Sherpur area and were currently inside a building there.

It is the latest in a series of audacious raids by Taliban fighters on high-profile targets in Afghanistan.

Casualties have been brought in to a nearby hospital, and eyewitnesses say a gun battle is still under way.

Of course, this is a direct result of the Obama administration’s policy, which has been to ease the Taliban back into a power-sharing arrangement in which they will basically be put back in charge of Afghanistan, which leaves one to wonder what Obama supposes that the point of going to Afghanistan was.

The Taliban in recent weeks have shown that they are no different from the murderous, Islamofascist bastards that we kicked out in 2001-02. On Tuesday they carried out an attack in which dozens – possibly as many as 50 or more – people were killed.


They are doing this because Obama has clearly signaled to the world that he is checked out and disinterested – in foreign policy, especially. There is literally no chance that he places more ground troops back into Afghanistan or orders a direct conflict with the Taliban, and the Taliban knows it. They are now once again the most important player in Afghanistan, and this is by Obama’s design.

Good thing he made that gutsy call, though.


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