Liberals' New Gun Control Tactic: Mock Prayer (and Thinking)

The mind of a liberal is a detestable place, on those occasions when the mask drops. Liberals are losing the war on guns in spite of (or perhaps because of) their macabre insistence on turning every tragedy for the last solid year into a political football (except, STRANGELY, this mass shooting in New Orleans). The polling on whether it is “too easy to buy a gun” is moving in the wrong direction, and people are buying more guns in record-shattering numbers.


Last night (continuing into today), Republicans have largely recognized that we still know very little about the San Bernardino shooting, including whether the shooters were actually an active Jihadist cell (and thus unlikely to heed “reasonable gun restrictions,” if they existed). So by and large they offered really one of the only things you can say when tragedy like this strikes, and before the facts are in – thoughts and prayers to the victims.

Apparently, liberals decided to respond to this by trying a new tactic in their gun control efforts: mocking people who pray (and, I guess, think?) (LANGUAGE WARNING):



This, quite frankly, could go on and on, if I were so inclined.

Seems a little counter-intuitive to me, if you’re trying to win over people to gun control regulation, to insult the ~95% of the people in America who self-identify as religious (whether Christian, Jewish, or Muslim) and therefore believe that prayer does, in fact, accomplish things by mocking their entire system of belief.

But then, it’s important to remember that liberals have a hobby that’s more important to them than passing gun control regulation – that’s the awesome, auto-erotic feeling they get from feeling like they are better and smarter than other people (especially the religious). When frustrated, they ALWAYS will seek to achieve release through this pastime, regardless of how silly, stupid, and condescending it makes them look.


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