Welcome to the Demilitarized Zone, United States

Apparently, some crank over the weekend posted online an unspecified threat of gun violence against the University of Chicago. Get it? Some anonymous jerk posted in some online forum something about shooting up the quad. Not, you know, setting off a bomb in a building or anything – bringing a gun to campus. The FBI passed this information on to the Univ. of Chicago administrators, without any indication that this threat was credible, or that the person involved had the capability to do it.


I hope it goes without saying that, in our relatively extensive history of dealing with the people who actually commit these attacks, as opposed to people who are part of the ever-growing cadre of tough guy Internet jerks, that they do not call the authorities beforehand and tell them when and where they are about to attack.

All that having been said, the University of Chicago responded by asking Chicago PD to increase security in the quad just in case… no wait, that’s not what they did. That would have been a reasonable response. What they actually did was to close the entire campus. 

According to spokesman Joan Hyde, the FBI is still trying to determine the source of the threat. The campus will have increased security and police presence while law enforcement investigates the threat.

“All University staff and faculty members who do not have emergency duties or patient care responsibilities are encouraged to avoid coming to the Hyde Park campus on Monday,” Zimmer wrote.

Meanwhile, in New York, the NYPD has decided to visibly increase police presence outside all Planned Parenthood locations. They are doing this because… well, literally no legitimate reason at all:

NYPD has sent police to various Planned Parenthood locations around the city in light of the incident in Colorado Springs, reports ABC7 in the city. The police have indicated no increased threat to other locations, nor have they even released a motive in the shooting incident at the clinic.

Police have only confirmed that the incident “began” at Planned Parenthood. Eyewitnesses, and Truth Revolt “on the ground” source Aaron Gardner, have stated that the gunfire began outside the clinic and only later did the shooter seek refuge inside the building.

The shooter is in custody. He appears to have acted alone. Despite CNN reports to the contrary, this is not a common incident. In fact, peaceful protests take place outside clinics every single day, including the Colorado Springs clinic, without any violence. There is no “string” of attacks. There is no threat on other locations being reported by the media or law enforcement. Yet still, the NYPD has increased police presence around the city.


What exactly is happening here? Well, liberals have utterly failed in their recent attempts to force gun control down America’s throats. The only thing they have accomplished is generating five consecutive months of record gun sales along with finally convincing the American public (for the first time since 1989) that it is NOT too easy to buy a gun. They’ve utterly failed to either stop gun sales or convince people that gun sales are bad.

So this is the next phase of their plan. They are going to use every attack or even threat of attack as a pretext to force major inconvenience, in the form of highly armed police officers in your neighborhoods, and explain that they have to do this because guns. They want to move the needle by convincing you that the only way to make the repeated lockdowns go away is to force lawmakers to make the guns go away.

I think that they have misunderstood America, once again. Maybe Europeans or even Australians would respond to this type of pressure, but Americans tend to respond to the idea that they’re under constant threat from guns by buying more guns and liking guns more, as we have seen. Something about the American psyche is completely immune to all the PR tricks that our liberal betters in the media and government can throw at us with respect to guns.

In the meantime, this is the consequence some Americans will have to face for living in cities that perpetually elect agenda-driven liberals for mayor.



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