It's Funny Because He Said He Wanted to Strangle a Republican

Hillary Clinton was doing a Townhall of some sort today, when some no-neck Peter Griffin “THEY TOOK OUR JOBS” began to filibuster about Carly Fiorina. Hillary did a pretty good job of listening to this guy mansplain for about two solid minutes (given her base of support, listening to bitter New England labor hacks mansplain what happened to their jobs is probably roughly 60% of what she does at these townhalls, so she’s probably used to it).

Anyway, then this happened:

PETER GRIFFIN JR.: Every time I see her on TV I want to reach through and strangle her.

PETER GRIFFIN JR.: I know that doesn’t sound very nice.

HILLARY CLINTON: I wouldn’t mess with you.

So look, I don’t wanna get all feminist problematic here; truth be told, I would have been every bit as wryly surprised if this guy had said he wanted to strangle Rubio or maybe “THE DAHHHKIE DOCTOR THE REPOOBLICANS AHH RUNNING” and Hillary laughed at it, but fair’s fair.

These people – with Hillary at their head – have constructed a virtual maze of rhetoric which ordinary people find it impossible to navigate without being called an “ist” of some sort. I got blasted by the entire liberal Internet yesterday as a racist for using the word “lazy.” Conservatives cannot breathe without being accused of fomenting violence and/or participating in a war on women.

So you know what? Why DID Hillary feel that it was okay for her, as a female, to laugh at this mansplaining jerk’s threat of physical violence? Why did she contribute to an America where ignorant Peter Griffin wannabees respond to strong female leadership by wanting to strangle the women in question? Why can’t women CEOs have a safe space in America where the tough decisions they make don’t get them physically threatened by Democrats?

And why does Hillary Clinton think it’s funny?