Labor Unions Astroturf Protesters to the #CNBCGOPDebate

I went out just a little bit ago to confront the, uh, “massive” protests of the GOP Debate, consisting of literally dozens of people. One group in particular stood out, as they were holding signs claiming that hedge funds had bought all the GOP candidates. I went over to talk to one, and this happened:


Hmm, I thought. Curious that he specifically singles out GOP candidates for their involvement with hedge fund candidates. Curious that he was unimpressed with the fact that Trump said in the last debate that he would close the exact same loophole he was complaining about. Curious that he is apparently not concerned that Hillary Clinton has received the most donations from Wall Street of any candidate on either side of the aisle.

And then I looked up his organization, and so much became clear:

The project is supported by the Strong Economy for All Coalition, a coalition of labor unions and community groups working to fight income inequality and build shared prosperity and economic & social justice in New York and around the country.

Imagine my surprise. I’m not really sure the unions are getting their money’s worth here. As you can see, they managed to gin up a protest of a total of three clueless people, who left the protest area before everyone else. On the other hand, they were probably impressed with the union work ethic.

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