Liberals Think Government Regulation is Protecting You from Contaminated Wood (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz chaired a hearing yesterday on the ways that over regulation is hurting minority businesses, and the hearing continues to be a gold mine of liberal idiocy. After Ted Cruz set the President of the Sierra Club on fire and used him as a green energy source (basically exposing that the President of the world’s leading environmental organization knows nothing about global warming), the Democrats attempted to rehabilitate the regulatory state by putting on some friendly witnesses of their own.

One of the poor schmucks they sent into the firing line was a guy named William C. Scott, who apparently is a former staffer to Congressman [mc_name name=’Rep. Terri Sewell (D-AL)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’S001185′ ] and current President of Tristaz LLC, whatever that might be. Scott was asked a softball question by Democrat [mc_name name=’Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’K000367′ ] and gave a truly incredible response about what liberals think Government regulation is responsible for:


Klobuchar: That’s a good segue to Mr. Scott because I was hearing [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] talk about some of those economic numbers, um, I think we know that part of the difficulty was during the, uh, the recession, how minorities were inordinately hit with foreclosures and other things because of what was going on in the financial industry. Do you want to comment either on that or on what you see as some rules that would be helpful to the minority community in terms of businesses – an entrepreneur, yourself… I really wanna ask what it was like working for Congresswoman Sewell, but, I’ll leave that for later, so.. go ahead.

Scott: Uh, sure. I think that there are, uh, regulations that help us, you know, they work along with business owners, um, that are not stifling or that are holding businesses back in any kind of way, but that help with clean food, uh, since I hear all the times deal with farmers, uh, a lot of times we deal with putting seeds in the ground that has nourishment towards coming into our bodies, um, and having regulations in place that require having those nutrients in place that help with our life as a whole. Cause, uh, if we, um, don’t have things in place, we won’t actually be here today. And, um, I look at, too, within, looking in this room, we have wood that’s in here, uh, that this building and this table and everything is made out of wood. Without regulation, would we have clean, um, wood in here or would it be contaminated? Would we, uh, the carpet that we walk on, would the carpet be the quality that it is or would it just tear up as soon as it’s put down? So I think those regulations can work along with business owners could be something that’s beneficial to everybody.

Ho-lee crap. Let’s just pause for a second here and understand the liberal mindset. Let’s look at the three things this guy says that we would not have, if it weren’t for government regulation.

First, he says that without regulation, seeds that are planted in the ground would not grow plants that provide nourishment. I’m being charitable with his rambling, nonsensical answer, and that’s the best possible interpretation of what this guy – who was brought out to be someone with something of value to Democrats to say – said about seeds. Get it? This guy thinks that if you buy some asparagus seeds, and plant them in the ground, the asparagus does not grow up to contain Vitamins A, C, E and K (or folic acid or fiber) unless there’s a government regulation that says that it must. Unless the FDA commands farmers to grow asparagus with these nutrients, it apparently just grows up all worthless and nutrient free and our bodies would all shrivel and die.

Second, he said… he said the wood in the Senate office buildings might be “contaminated” without government regulations. The wood, he said. Might be contaminated. If not for the government regulating – I guess, trees? – we might all just be surrounded by poisonous wood. Poisonous wood everywhere, and every time we touched it, we might all die. I want to emphasize that this guy, this William C. Scott, said this under oath in front of Congress, cognizant of the fact that there were cameras there recording the things that came out of his mouth. And he found it to be an eminently reasonable thing to say, that without government regulation, the wood in the Senate office buildings might (apparently) kill us all. From being “contaminated.”

Of course, no diatribe about the benefits of government regulation for minorities would be complete without reference to the Great Cheap Carpet Menace. I mean, without regulation, the carpet in the freaking United States Senate Chambers might be cheap. Definitely the Federal Government could not afford, anywhere in their trillion-plus dollar budget, to actually just buy good carpet from carpet salesmen with good reputations for a building that stands as one of the very symbols of our nation’s prosperity and good will. And definitely if the carpet just came up as soon as it was installed, there’s no way the government could sue the people who installed it for their shoddy workmanship or use their purchasing power to force them to come back in and re-install it. No way. What’s needed is government regulation here. To make sure, apparently, that even if you buy cheap carpet, it’s not cheap.

It ought to terrify each and every one of us that William C. Scott, and millions of people who think the same moronic things that he does, go out and vote each and every election. And they are encouraged to think these moronic things (and vote in accordance with their moronic beliefs) by the Democrats who are currently in power. Look how Klobuchar positively beamed during the course of asking this question, just absolutely sure that Scott was going to drop some gems of wisdom on the conservatives around. And after he was done, not one of the Democrats assembled remarked, “You know, what you said just now is kind of crazy. You realize that’s not what government regulation actually does?”

The Democrats feed off this ignorance, and this belief that the government is in control of everything. They need people to believe that the sun only rises in the East every day because the Federal Register decrees that it must – because that belief is what keeps them in power.

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