John Kasich Offers to Buy Bibles for Obamacare Critics

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John Kasich has done it again.

The Republican for Republicans who are ashamed of being Republican has reinforced his belief that if you oppose taxpayer confiscation of money for pointless government programs, you are a bad Christian. Kasich today even went so far as to suggest that he would buy Bibles for his critics, as though they are the ones who are ignorant of Biblical teaching:


This guy is a walking, talking joke. Since John Kasich knows so much about the Bible, maybe he can point to the passage that says that being a Christian means that you should support the government forcibly confiscating the tax money of other people to help the poor.

In point of fact, the Bible does say quite a lot about the individual person’s responsibility to help the poor out of their own pocket. As Jesus noted in Matthew 25, it is one of the Christian’s highest responsibilities to give freely and voluntarily out of their own pocket to help the poor.

Here is the perversion that John Kasich is trying to sell you: instead of each person having a responsibility to give charitably of their own means, each person has a responsibility to vote for politicians who will confiscate the tax dollars of other people and give them to the poor.

This is the farthest thing from anything Jesus discussed in the New Testament possible. Not only is the concept Kasich is selling not found anywhere in the book he wants to buy for his critics, it is directly antithetical to it. Jesus did not say, “Blessed are you, for I was hungry, and you made the government extract taxes from other people to buy me bread.” The fact that John Kasich thinks Christian charity can be discharged this way means that Kasich doesn’t understand squat about Christianity, and also is a dyed in the wool liberal at heart.

This kind of thing is why I would easily vote for Trump (and probably some Democrats) over Kasich. It isn’t just that he’s liberal’ it’s that he gives credence to liberal tropes by adopting them publicly while pretending to be inside our tent. Kasich as the nominee would be more damaging to the conservative brand than any nominee in my lifetime. I can’t wait until the day that our field is rid of his poisonous influence.

On that day, maybe he can spend some time actually reading his Bible instead of just telling people to read theirs.

(This story via Jason Hart)

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