Trump Booed for Attacking Rubio at Values Voter Summit (VIDEO)


Now that it’s been about a week and a half since the debate, it’s becoming increasingly likely that the debate was the beginning of the end for Trump. And while Fiorina had the best performance on stage, it looks like the mood of the country is steadily shifting instead towards Rubio, who has followed up a strong debate performance by a week in which he looked exceptionally presidential.

That dynamic was captured perfectly when Trump decided to attack Rubio at the Values Voter Summit today. Take a look at what happened (video via Digitas Daily):


When is the last time you can remember Donald Trump being booed this roundly? I can’t remember it happening before ever. And note that it was calling Rubio a clown that made it happen.

Note also, that the specific attack Trump levels against Rubio is that he is “in favor of immigration.” Not “in favor of illegal immigration,” just “in favor of immigration.” Presumably, Donald Trump is against that altogether. No more furriners ever coming into our country ever again for The Donald.

Some of his supporters will maybe claim this is a slip. The honest ones will acknowledge that he meant it and brag about it.

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