New Center for Medical Progress Video Shows Planned Parenthood Clearly Discussing the Sale of Baby Parts


The Center for Medical Progress has released a new video today, right as Congress is gearing up for a potential shutdown fight, which once again shows high ranking Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted baby parts. You can watch the video here:


Although this video is not as graphic and gut-wrenching as previous CMP videos, it is probably the most damning video yet in terms of clearly demonstrating that Planned Parenthood accepted money for aborted baby parts – and clearly knew that doing so was wrong.

During the course of discussions with Planned Parenthood representatives, the under cover CMP “buyers” showed PPFA executives repeatedly obsessing about the fact that they refused to put any policy in writing because it would likely provoke a Congressional hearing and it would present a PR nightmare. They also clearly recognized a potential legal issue with their arrangement, and at one point flat out told the “buyer” that they refused to discuss the issue via email and would only discuss it “in person,” quite obviously to avoid having any sort of paper trail where they would admit to accepting money for aborted baby parts.

At one point on the video, a Vanessa Russo, who is identified as the “Compliance Program Administrator, Planned Parenthood Keystone,” says flat out that she realizes that it’s against the law, but thinks it’s a stupid law and doesn’t think that PPFA should abide by it. The person she is talking to essentially agrees and asks her to follow up later just to make sure that it’s done in such a way that it doesn’t provoke another Congressional hearing and more Federal legislation.

At other parts of the video, the “buyer” brings up fetal tissue with a PPFA official, and the PPFA official is the one that brings up “remuneration” – not the “buyer.” The “buyer” then flat out offers certain fees for certain parts, and no one from PPFA blinks an eye.

The overall thrust of the video is more proof that the practice of exchanging aborted baby parts for money was widespread within Planned Parenthood, and that their top level officials knew that it was occurring, knew that it was likely illegal, and were obsessed with covering up the practice to the extent possible.

Republicans right now are having discussions about whether we are truly going to fight to stop this organization from continuing to receive our tax money. If they are not willing to stand up, then they deserve whatever destruction Donald Trump will wreak on this party (and it will be very considerable).