Bodies of 71 Probable Syrian Refugees Found in a Truck in Austria


Well, it sounds like the administration’s Syria policy is going great. European media is reporting that Syrian refugees, desperate to flee the ongoing carnage in that country (which has received less collective attention from the media than the deaths of two local reporters in Roanoke yesterday) backed themselves into a refrigerated truck in incredible numbers and fled for Europe, where something disastrous happened:

Hungarian police have arrested the driver of a lorry found on an Austrian motorway with the decomposing bodies of 71 people, including a baby girl, inside.

It came as the Austrian police confirmed three arrests in the case, following reports from the Krone newspaper that seven smugglers linked to the lorry had been held by authorities in Hungary.

The death toll was raised on Friday from initial estimates of 20 to 50 following the discovery of the remains on Thursday morning on Austria’s A4 motorway between Neusiedl and Parndorf. The truck, which had been abandoned on the hard shoulder of the road near Parndorf, had apparently been there since Wednesday. Austrian police said all those on board appeared to have suffocated and died before they entered the country.

Austrian police said of the 71 dead, 59 were men, eight women and four children, including a baby girl.

Right now, the rise of ISIS has created a refugee crisis that is probably the largest in the world since World War 2. An estimated 9 million refugees have fled Syria alone, and an additional 4-5 million have fled Iraq, along with untold more from other countries in the Middle East. For perspective, imagine that the entire population of New York City, along with its New Jersey Suburbs, fleeing en masse and trying to find homes in an already densely-populated area.

Or better yet, imagine the entire massive population of current American illegal immigrants, plus an additional 50 percent, except instead of having come over the span of several decades, all looking for homes at once. It has created a crisis that is both economic and humanitarian that is spreading across Europe and Asia, and which is a direct result of the Obama administration’s fecklessness on foreign policy.

Today’s grisly find in Hungary, which is but one small slice of the full picture, will hopefully encourage some of the American media to cover this massive story, if they can take a break from interviewing Alison Parker’s tango partner for a minute, that is.

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