Iowa CBS Affiliate Runs Free Ad for Bruce Braley


You sort of expect liberal media bias at the national level but this astounding segment from a local CBS affiliate out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa ought to count as a donation in kind to Democrat Bruce Braley. Under the guise of “reporting news,” watch as this segment gives the uninterrupted stage to Braley and his surrogates:


Nary a word from or about Joni Ernst other than to note in passing that she is trying to take the seat that belonged to Harkin, who by the way wants you to vote for Braley. This CBS station even managed to basically give a plug to the Democrat who is running to replace Braley in his home district.

The CBS station’s accompanying story, which is pretty much verbatim what is shown on the video, shows how little interest they have in fairness towards Ernst or any Republican:

Iowa Democrats might have brought in the party’s heavy hitters in the Clinton’s, but their message was largely local, supporting local candidates, and deflecting attention from themselves. While the day was a chance for Iowa’s 30-year Senator to say goodbye, it was also a day for the party to fill the void he leaves for Iowa voters. “We are in the point in the election where they are starting to pay attention and make their decisions,” said Cedar Rapids Resident Kathy Ulrich. With Harkin retiring, First District Representative Bruce Braley is facing off with Republican Joni Ernst for Iowa’s Senate seat next to Republican Chuck Grassley. “Make sure that this Senate seat remains in good fighting progressive hands with Congressman Bruce Braley being the next Senator from the State of Iowa,” Senator Harkin told the crowd. It’s one of the races getting national attention and money on both sides. “We need a democratic legislature to make sure our values are protected and extended throughout the state,” said U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. “We need someone who is going to protect everything that Harkin stands for and that’s Bruce Braley,” said Ulrich.

Don’t expect Joni Ernst to get any similar treatment from local media in Iowa. If you want to counterbalance this free coverage, consider donating to Ernst instead.

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