Colorado's Mark Udall Campaigning on Moral Cretinism


I am not sure if it will work or not, but Democrat Mark Udall is clearly convinced that he can ride to victory campaigning against the notion that an unborn human is a person. Virtually every word out of his mouth and a substantial portion of his ad buys focus exclusively on defending the absolute legal right to kill the smallest and most defenseless people in America.


When Rep. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) first ran for Congress in 2010, he supported a “personhood” ballot measure that voters roundly rejected that same year (even as they elected him to a conservative district). During his time in the House, he has supported or sponsored several other measures aimed at curtailing abortion rights, such as last year’s “Life at Conception Act.”

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On Monday, Gardner released an ad that serves as 30-second Cliff Notes for his op-ed. He pretty clearly thinks that his past position on the personhood issue could hurt him in such a close and important race, and he’s trying everything to convince Coloradans that he won’t try and take away their birth control. Which is what Democrats and abortion-rights groups have landed on as an excellent attack.

Democrats were quick to pounce on personhood in this race. In late April, shortly after Gardner reversed course and announced a Senate bid, his opponent, incumbent Sen. Mark Udall (D), ran an ad detailing Gardner’s past support of personhood policies.

Setting aside the fact that Udall’s entire ad campaign on this issue has been flatly and willfully dishonest in its particulars, let us grant that Udall’s statement of Gardner’s position is correct, instead of a corrupt half truth. What then? Udall is willing to forge his way back to the Senate based on the entirely arbitrary concept that human beings of specific developmental stages are not people. Politically, it is convenient for Udall that the human beings in question are difficult to see without the aid of ultrasound, which Udall and virtually all the moral detritus that composes the modern Democrat party opposes women who want abortions having access to. But by now surely Udall has seen pictures of one of these himself. Surely even he has seen with his own eyes that what he supports killing has the unquestioned face of a human baby, to say nothing of its hands, feet, and other organs.


A person like Mark Udall who has no compunction about preserving his cushy spot in the power elite of government by allowing unborn children to be killed at all costs is a person who is utterly without moral compunction or compass at all. There is no doubt that if Mark Udall felt it were politically necessary to support the killing of infants up to the age of two, he would likewise support that with equal fervor. Mark Udall has no problems if his road to victory is paved with dead children, which raises the question of what, exactly, Mark Udall would have a problem with.

In two short months, Colorado must choose whether to reward this moral cretin with the wages of his cretinism. Let us hope they make the right call.



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