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Thanks to The Blaze and Freedomworks, I was privileged to be invited to liveblog Glenn Beck’s live Common Core event tonight in Dallas/Ft. Worth. Below the fold I’ll be providing regular updates on the event for those who were not able to attend in theaters tonight to hear the information on how to defeat this Federal intrusion into education.



7:56pm (ET) – Glenn is on stage warming up the crowd and explaining the importance of this fight. Opens with a prayer. It is roughly 50 degrees in this studio which is about 10 degrees warmer than it was half an hour ago. The studio is packed with attendees.

8:00pm – We are live. It’s a little challenging from my vantage point to see what’s being shown on the actual screens but looks like a cartoon video on conformity. Beck’s team does a great job with these little snippets. Beck talks about the history of the soundstage in use tonight – including many TV shows and movies.

8:03pm – This fight transcends partisan bickering. It’s too easy to get caught up in name calling and bitterness. This is a fight for the future of children and we don’t have a choice but to work together. Every kid has a favorite teacher that they remember. These teachers did not teach us what to think; they taught us how to think. The creative freedom to innovate is being wiped out in our best teachers.

8:07pm – This started with 650 theaters, but now has been added to over 700 theaters because of sold out theaters. Get out your cell phones – to interact: private email, on twitter (#WeWillNotConform), each group will have their own hashtag, polls through text number 22333.


8:11pm – Beck introduces Michelle Malkin, who is doing research and resources. Malkin discusses the difficulty of getting your arms around the behemoth of Common Core. It’s not just about the standards, it’s about the bigger picture, and education that doesn’t make sense and who the special interests are.

8:16pm – Grassroots table introduced, headlined by Dana Loesch. This table will discuss how to build a coalition so you don’t have to fight alone.

8:22pm – Beck introduces David Barton, lauds his effectiveness organizing in DC. Discusses the fight in Indiana where the state allegedly withdrew from Common Core, and then it was reinstituted as a rebranding effort.

8:27pm – An activist from Oklahoma notes that the biggest obstacle in Oklahoma has been the Chamber of Commerce. Ed note – the Chamber of Commerce is now a political and ideological opponent of conservatives.

8:29pm – Discussion moves to the education table. Homeschool is a hot button topic. Homeschool becomes more popular and mainstream and as I’ve written about before, homeschoolers are also threatened by Common Core since standardized tests will be geared to this curriculum.

8:31pm – Glenn discusses the importance of messaging. “You can be angry or you can be effective but you can rarely be both at the same time.” Very valid point. North Carolina governor has signed the Common Core repeal. Applause.


8:36pm – The Blogger table is briefly on camera for no obvious reason.

8:37pm – Everyone is asked to text in how they self-identify politically.

8:39pm – Glenn is on the couch with a teacher whose name I did not catch. She is telling her story about fighting against Common Core – likens it to “blogging against the machine.” So many vested interests have a stake in defending Common Core. Teacher says that the best way to beat the machine is to boycott the tests. She says that one of the resources that will be given is how to boycott the test.

8:44pm – Beck discusses with an activist how to fight the feeling that you’re a conspiracy theorist, which people will constantly tell you.

8:47pm – A freewheeling sort of discussion has started in the studio, which is making it difficult to hear on bloggers’ row.

8:51pm – Sam Brownback and Mike Pence are called out as governors who have conformed to Common Core.

8:55pm – Glenn says Twitter is read by media folks, but Pinterest is an underused social medial tool as a coalition builder especially to reach moms. Pinterest the ridiculous worksheets for Common Core that get sent home.

8:58pm – Malkin – get involved. Know who are the people who are making the testing decisions for you. Know who the people are on your school board who are making your testing decisions. Audience is asked whether they can name one member of their local school board.


9:03pm – over 50% of the listening audience can identify at least one member of their school board. That’s encouraging but it could be higher.

Chaos in Dallas as the show is thrown to NYC.

9:20pm – Barton says it doesn’t matter if your legislators are committed to the cause, you need some weasels to vote with you, but you need committed soldiers to lead and sponsor the bills.

9:25pm – FreedomWorks University mentioned – to discuss how Common Core started and Bill Gates’ involvement.

9:27pm – Even if you defeat common core, you have to understand that the people with vested interest will come back for another bite at the apple. Stay vigilant.

9:30pm – The scariest thing in the world is to pull your kid out of school and to homeschool. Maybe that’s the option you have to take.

9:39pm – Even if you pull your kids out of public school you have to stay involved in the fight for public education. We are all Americans. You cannot leave the poorest kids to wallow in a broken system.

9:45pm – The profiteering aspect of Common Core is discussed – the curriculum and computer software provides companies with information about the buying habits and wants of your kids.

9:48pm – Messaging – “People listen to people who are like them and are relatable.” Going negative does not work. Don’t call it “Obamacore” because that immediately turns off 50% of people.


9:55pm – The importance of giving people information in small doses. Don’t make them drink from a fire hose.

9:58pm – Question on homeschooling – do you trade social growth for curriculum freedom? Glenn points out kids have plenty of options for social interaction.

10:00pm – Beck talks to those who are afraid to stand up. If you’re afraid to stand up now, imagine what it will be like 2 or 3 generations down the road? Isn’t now the time to stand up?


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