Totalitarians Oppose Today's SCOTUS Rulings


Make no mistake, both of today’s SCOTUS rulings were about freedom. And the parade of screeching liberals opposed to both results has made it clear that when it comes to freedom, they are against it.


The first case, Harris v. Quinn, dealt with the freedom of employees to refuse to join a union or pay compulsory dues to a union they don’t wish to belong to. The conservative view is that individuals should have the freedom to make that choice – the liberal view is that the choice should be made for the employee by the force of law. In the second (Actually a group of companion cases under the Hobby Lobby heading), at issue is the freedom of family-held companies to honor their religious objections to not being complicit in the provision of abortifacients to their employees. In the conservative view, you should be free to make this choice for a company you started and owned, and employees should be free to work for another company if the benefits package is not what they want. In the liberal view, these companies should have the choice made for them by the government.

The force that can be brought to bear by today’s government – both Federal and State – is terrifying to behold. Taxes, fines, fees, criminal sanctions can grind companies out of existence and ruin individuals. To say nothing of the legal fees that can be incurred by companies and individuals fighting even the most meritless of government claims. A principal tenet of life in a free democracy is that a man should only fear being trodden underfoot by the State behemoth for legitimate reasons connected with the survival of the state itself or its citizens. A country in which the State is used as an arbitrary score settler – or worse, as an enforcer of political or cultural orthodoxy – is not a free State and its citizens are not truly free. In the final analysis, it does not matter if the specific arbiters of the orthodoxy to be enforced are democratically elected; if minority viewpoints are not allowed to exist, flourish, and be practiced without fear of State sanction, totalitarianism is imminent if not already present.


Make no mistake; this is the America liberals are trying to create. Both the quality of the opposition itself and the fury with which it is currently being expressed (see here, for instance) show that these people have no tolerance for being stalled in their agenda, and have no willingness to even allow opposing viewpoints from their own to exist. If we allow them to continue to win at the ballot box, America as we know it – that is to say, a relatively free nation – will soon cease to exist.


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