"We Will Brand Your 8-year-old Kid a Racist for Life."

Via Daniel Hannan comes this horrifying story of parental bullying via some school in the UK called the “Littleton Green Community School.” Apparently last week, parents in this school district received the following letter sent home (of COURSE in Comic Sans):



Now, just to say up front, if I had faith in this particular school district, I would probably have zero problem with my child going on the field trip described. However, if I received this letter from my kid, I would be immediately grabbing my torch and pitchfork and marching on the administration grounds. The right to raise one’s child as one sees fit, religiously speaking, is one of the most central parental rights that exists. And if a parent were to decide (for some bizarre reason) that this particular school district would not provide a trustworthy vehicle for exposing their 8 year old child to other religions, who is the school district to say otherwise? And who are they to permanently brand an 8 year old kid a racist for a) something done by their parents b) refusing to participate in an activity that doesn’t implicate race at all?


It is easy enough to dismiss this as the natural consequence of England’s mad descent into totalitarian multiculturalism, but we have already seen creeping encroaches of this variety here in the United States. Without constant vigilance and citizen willingness to fight school boards (and the willingness of good conservatives to run for school board positions), your son or daughter might soon be sent home with an intolerance mark that will follow her throughout the rest of her school days.


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