The TMM* Memorial Monday Open Thread

Life is hard when you’re an idiot, and you’re on television surrounded by people who can speak in complete sentences. It’s like starting out in a hole, and when you’re in a hole, it’s very important to remember the First Rule of Holes. The one thing you should absolutely not do is try to use a big word – or at least something that sounds sort of like a big word you heard once – when you’re not sure what it means.


Things then proceeded to go from bad to worse for our heroine. I mean, at least we can all figure out which word she meant to say in the clip above, but then… this? What the heck is this? Anyone have any clue as to which word she was even going for?

And then, things got even worse still. Observe:

Two things: a) you said “emoticon.” You said it twice. We all heard it. b) “Waking word”? What’s a wak… know what? Nevermind. Open Thread.

*According to the lawyers, I can’t tell you what this means.



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