Ron Paul: Well, You Know, the Money IS Pink, so I Was Totally Validated On That One

I am pretty sure Ron Paul just admitted that at least some of the insane conspiracy theory material in his newsletter was his. Dave Weigel notes that Paul was on Jan Mikkelson’s show today, and a caller asked Paul about the newsletters. Paul offered what is now at least his third or fourth different explanation for the content of the newsletters, which is that he wrote some of the content, but not all, and certainly not the racist parts. The caller then went on to make the eminently reasonable point that in addition to the racist stuff, the newsletters contained a lot of material that ordinary people would find, you know, completely insane. Paul’s answer defies belief; unless, that is, you’ve been following the career of Ron Paul:


CALLER: But Dr. Paul, many of the newsletters are filled with conspiracies. You had one newsletter from start to finish with fear that the $50 bill, because it was going to be made pink, and it was gonna have all kinds of things that can track us down, so we should all be afraid that maybe tomorrow they’re gonna require us to turn in all of our old money.

PAUL: The paper money now is pink, you know? No, we haven’t had runaway inflation, but I still fear that.

Get this? Paul’s response does two things. First, it pretty much admits that he had some part in writing about this. Second, it claims that Paul’s insane theories about tracking devices in money were not only justified but have been validated by the events of history. And this, I think, is something that isn’t getting enough traction out there. Everyone is obsessed (to some justifiable extent) over whether Paul knew about the racist content in his newsletters. Paul’s fluctuating explanations for this are no doubt amusing and damning at the same time. I suppose a person with an exceptionally healthy sense of self-delusion could pretend that Paul didn’t know about the voluminous amounts of racially insensitive material in Paul’s newsletter.
What no one can dispute by this point is that Paul is – according to the words that come out of his mouth – completely insane. Just think of the things we now have him saying on tape (and/or in things he has unquestionably authored):
Look, we all know people like this. Something in the way they are wired in their brains makes it literally impossible to disbelieve any conspiracy someone mentions to them. They hear it, it sounds nefarious, they believe it. These people have deep-seated paranoia about virtually everything and everyone to the point that it absolutely overwhelms their ability to reason and think clearly. Who can deny at this point that Ron Paul suffers from these delusions? Who can justify voting to put such a person in a position of great authority?


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