Wisconsin Government Accountability Board Strangely Disinterested in Recall Petition Fraud

Despite the protestations of liberal hacks everywhere, most people instinctively understand that  the evidence is overwhelming that voter fraud happens, and that it happens all the time. In Wisconsin, however, we are presented with the rather unusual specter of the State Government frankly admitting that it will do nothing to stop it.


As you are probably aware, unions and other crank liberal groups are busy circulating a recall petition for Governor Scott Walker because he has committed the offense of not being a liberal Democrat. As you might expect from the sort of people who would support such an obvious abuse of the recall procedure, the vast majority of these folks have no respect for the rule of law or the integrity of the voting process. One man stated frankly and openly during an interview with the Wisconsin media that he had signed about 80 recall petitions.

Did you sign the petition?

Yeah, I think I signed it about 80 times.

You signed several-80 petitions you think?

Yeah, I signed a lot of them. You know for the past two weeks so I’ve been seeing them at the Grand Avenue Mall and here by Pick-N-Save and stuff. I’ve been seeing them around and just been signing them. So, yeah.

You keep signing them. You know they are only going to count one of your signatures?

Oh well, hey, as long as what it takes to get Scott Walker out of here I’m happy.

That means signing repeatedly?

Yeah. They cheated for Bush, so, hey, I’m going to cheat to get Scott Walker outta here.


Well, you might think that this is preposterous and that someone is going to ultimately check and eliminate duplicate signatures. You would be wrong. The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, which is responsible for overseeing elections, has stated that it will do absolutely nothing to verify the signatures on the recall petition.

The board that oversees the state’s elections admits they will not check the validity of any of the signatures or addresses contained on the recall petitions expected to be submitted in January.

For $625,699 the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board will make sure all the blanks are properly filled out on petitions to recall Governor Scott Walker, but that’s all.

Gee, what could possibly go wrong? The GAB maintains that Walker can check the signatures and challenge any he believes are duplicate or fraudulent. Which I guess sounds okay until you realize that he only has a 10-day window to do it in, and that there will be a minimum of 540,000 signatures who need to be checked (and apparently cross-referenced against all other signatures currently in the database. In other words, there is absolutely no effective mechanism for these signatures to be challenged by Walker supporters. Unsurprisingly, liberal groups across Wisconsin have taken advantage of this open and glaring loophole and are openly encouraging people to sign multiple petitions to help get the recall across the finish line.


The Republican Party of Wisconsin has filed a lawsuit claiming that this arrangement violates the Equal Protection rights of those who don’t want Walker recalled. A central tenet of Equal Protection is the principle that each person is entitled to have their vote weighted the same within the context of each election – and in this case, the GAB has ensured that one person who wants Walker recalled can easily outweigh over 80 who do not want him recalled.


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