A Mea Culpa on Herman Cain and Abortion

Yesterday I wrote two posts about Herman Cain‘s stance on abortion, which may be read here and here. One of the good things about blogging is that it allows you to shoot from the hip, which allows instant commentary and feedback on news that the traditional media cannot provide. However, it is also sometimes one of the bad things about blogging, in that it allows you sometimes to shoot before the facts are all in. Having considered the information I received via email over the last day, I now realize that calling Herman Cain “pro-choice” was not just wrong, it was disastrously wrong, and for that I am sorry.


I have come to understand that Herman Cain has in reality done far more for the pro-life movement than I ever have. For instance, he donated $1 million of his own money in an attempt to encourage black voters to vote pro-life. His 2004 Senate campaign made life a central issue.  His work opposing abortion – especially among the black population – has led many leftist organizations to denounce him with hysterical, shrieking screeds; which is probative evidence of the fact that they were to some degree effective.

Herman Cain’s statements on abortion during this campaign season have not been as clear as they should have been. I have no idea why he couldn’t have re-issued his 2004 statement when questioned this year. There is no reason that someone possessed of pro-life convictions that are as firm as Herman Cain’s undoubtedly are should have stumbled badly enough to trip the radar of many pro-lifers. I am sure I am not the only one who hasn’t paid very close attention to Herman Cain’s career prior to three weeks ago, and did not know these facts about him and thus could not place his statements to Piers Morgan, David Gregory, and John Stossel in that context.


However, that is not an excuse for me. I should have done my research, and should not have called him pro-choice. He clearly is not. And I have absolutely zero doubt – none at all – that a man who would put up $1M of his own money to advance the pro-life cause would govern as a staunch pro-lifer.

I still have very serious doubts about whether Herman Cain would be a good President. But concern over whether he is really pro-life is not one of them.


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