CREW Complaint Against Christine O'Donnell Dismissed

The world is too full of liberal organizations posing as neutral arbiters of fact and fairness. Thankfully, these organizations are never able to maintain the patina of objectiveness very long, and the mask inevitably slips. Last week, Politifact exposed themselves as liberal hacks yet further. Now it is Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)’s turn.


I was not a Christine O’Donnell supporter. I thought she was a bad candidate who was destined to lose and siphon resources from more viable candidates in the process. CREW, however, took their criticism of O’Donnell to an entirely new level. See, in classic Alinskyite style, it was not enough for them to beat Christine O’Donnell, they also had to smear her personally. Therefore, they had CREW carry their water for them in this regard, waving a complaint before a willing press and calling her a “criminal” and a “crook,” among other things:

“Christine O’Donnell is clearly a criminal, and like any crook she should be prosecuted,” CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan said in a release. “Ms. O’Donnell has spent years embezzling money from her campaign to cover her personal expenses. Republicans and Democrats don’t agree on much these days, but both sides should agree on one point: thieves belong in jail not the United States Senate.”

Apparently, it is not so clear to the U.S. Attorney’s office that O’Donnell is a criminal, crook, embezzler or thief: after enduring months of baseless investigation instigated by CREW, the U.S. Attorneys’ office has informed O’Donnell that charges will not be pursued. The idea that an organization with America-hating uber-liberal hack Glenn Greenwald on its board (note – Greenwald has since quit CREW’s board because they are not anti-American enough) could be objective and non-partisan is laughable. Yet, that is how the press continues to treat them.


Thankfully, O’Donnell appears poised to do something about it, as O’Donnell’s attorneys have now referred CREW for criminal prosecution for filing a false statement. It certainly sounds as though they may be preparing for civil action as well. Whether Christine O’Donnell ever gets back into politics or not, I hope she is successful at pushing back against the transparently political persecution CREW has subjected her to.


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