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Today’s installment of our most popular recurring segment comes from a nice fellow who helpfully illustrates why Ron Paul supporters got banned from RedState in 2008, and why they will likely be again in 2012:

from Bryan Wysocki
to Leon Wolf
date Sun, May 15, 2011 at 12:06 AM
subject Lawyer Assistance
“As for Ron Paul as a candidate, my only regret is that debate organizers will probably once again give this hypocritical anti-American crank a platform. The party’s image will doubtless be harmed by giving this fool a podium and television time so that he can explain whywikileaks is awesomeChinese totalitarians are the in thing with the kids these days, and what the Federal government needs is more earmarks (but only for stuff expressly authorized by the Constitution like shrimp marketing research). I am 100% confident that given the opportunity Ron Paul will be complaining in no time about Bin Laden’s death on national TV because of some half-cocked constitutional theory that Ron Paul will selectively use to mask the fact that, at bottom, Ron Paul is an ally of the enemies of America.”
You are a sorry excuse for an American. Ron Paul is the ONLY politican in America, who stands up for freedom and liberty, ALL THE TIME. He respects the Constitution. You on the other hand, are a piece of [redacted] NEOCON, who supports illegal wars and an assult on our civil liberties. You only happen to agree with the Constitution once the other party is in power. I have a nice, friendly American suggestion for you. I have proposed a reading list of sorts, so you will not have the nerves to write such an ignorant article. Reading List follows:
1. The Revolution by Ron Paul
2. End the Fed by Ron Paul
3. Liberty Defined by Ron Paul
Thank you for your time my fellow “patriotic” America and keep writing piece of [redacted] articles on Red State and Human Events. It only adds fuel to my fire.
This email came to an email address I don’t normally use for RedState, so out of curiosity I asked this gentlemen how he got this email address and who he was. His reasonable response:
Somebody has to defend an American hero, when a [redacted] [redacted] like you writes such unwarranted and unneccesary piece of [redacted] article on a piece of [redacted] website.
1. I am a noble patriot of the United States of America, who respects the Constitution. But I know who you are. Somebody who supports illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, supports the “PATRIOT” Act (however you calm to be a strong believer in the Constitution), support the War the Drugs, you do not believe in gay rights because it is “immoral” and “comdemned in the Bible.” You are some somebody who believes “God” should make decisions about your life rather than yourself. GOD IS NOT REAL. You are an UN-AMERICAN NEOCON, you wants to control one’s social life however you calm you are one fore freedom and liberty. You are a DUMB and IGNORANT individual.
2. Welcome to the Age of Internet, my fellow patriot.
I expect your timely response.
Ron Paul 2012!
As always, open thread.


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