International Men's Day Spotlight on Male Suicides

International Men’s Day is meant to be a spotlight on the high rate of suicides among men ranging in age from 18-45 or thereabouts. We are losing good men just when our country needs them the most. Unsurprisingly, third wave feminists aren’t having it.


In an article published two days ago in Allure magazine, feminists are decrying the idea of “International Men’s Day”.

Arguably, every day is International Men’s Day, as men are most often those in positions of power — positions that are all too often abused.


and as Twitter user @MorrisseyMeg put it so eloquently, “I’m not dismissing the experience of men. I’m simply pointing out that there is already a tilt toward considering the experience of men, esp white men. It feels like a slap in the face that a day is needed on top of everything else.”

Yes, because, you see, acknowledging men, their experiences, their needs and their higher rate of suicide is actually all about oppressing females.

So let’s just skip it….

Some pointed out that this is certainly not the time to celebrate men as a whole, given the climate. Others said we should use the opportunity to support and boost the voices of men who are marginalized, which is actually always a good idea. Others simply said that Sunday would be cancelled, and TBH, I’m all for that. Maybe we’ll just have Saturday Part II, and we can skip November 19 altogether (sorry not sorry if Sunday is your birthday!). See y’all Monday!


Do these women not understand that the reason there aren’t more Frankens & Weinsteins is because the vast majority of men desire to be everything they were created to be: protector, provider and partner?

Honoring good men is never wrong. Putting the spotlight on the tragic high rate of suicide among men might help us keep these men where they belong, with us on this side of life.


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