Right-To-Work Advocates Are Ready For Prime Time In Missouri

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At 10 am, on Wednesday, proponents from all over the state of Missouri are meeting at the Missouri State House (get directions here).

The reason for the meeting is to seek to end unions’ ability to have workers fired for refusing to pay union dues by seeing a Right to Work law passed in the state.


Currently, with the exception of Illinois and Kentucky to its east, Right to Work states border Missouri on three of its four sides–which puts Missouri in a competitive disadvantage when trying to lure manufacturers.

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Last week, Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones stated that he hopes to have Missourians given the right to vote in November over whether or not Missouri will become the nation’s 25th state that gives workers the choice whether or not to pay union dues.

via St Louis Biz Talk:

Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones said Thursday he hopes to see his chamber vote in the upcoming legislative session on a “right-to-work” bill, and ultimately place the issue on the ballot before Missouri voters in November.

In an interview during the first leg of a statewide tour, Jones, R-Eureka, said he believes the policy – which aims to ban payment of union dues or similar fees as a condition of employment – is needed to keep Missouri competitive with neighboring states, many of which have already adopted the policy.

“Why you wouldn’t want to give workers freedom and choice in the year 2014 is beyond me,” he said. “I think the workers should be in charge of their destiny.”


Not surprisingly, union bosses have long opposed Missourians gaining workplace freedom and will likely do so again.

This is why Right-to-Work supporters are encouraging all Missourians who support Right-to-Work to attend the rally on Wednesday.

Americans for Prosperity, Missouri, is supplying some buses and vans to the event. However, space is limited and some buses are already filled.

If you’re interested in attending, you should visit AFP’s website here.
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