UFCW Hypocrisy On Display (Again): Two Unions Fight Over Unionizing UFCW Workers...

UFCW Walmart Protest

One week before the United Food & Commercial Workers and its allies protested retailers on Black Friday, a petition was filed at the National Labor Relations Board’s regional office in Baltimore to hold a secret-ballot election.


In one of life’s rich ironies, the employer listed on the November 22nd petition was the United Food & Commercial Workers.

It seems that one week before the UFCW bosses launched their latest assault against retail giants Walmart and Target in order to unionize them are finding themselves the target of a union campaign to unionize their workers inside the UFCW headquarters in Washington.

Presumably, as evidenced by the filing of the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild (affiliated with The Newspaper Guild-Communications Workers of America) with the NLRB, and although the union already represents about 80 UFCW employees, UFCW bosses did not agree to card check to unionize 28 additional workers.

However, if the UFCW’s problems weren’t complicated enough, shortly after the TNG-CWA filed its petition with the labor board, a union that primarily represents union representatives with their union employers (the Federation of Agents & International Representatives) filed to intervene in the campaign to unionize the UFCW employees.


While, according to the NLRB’s website, an election has not taken place yet, the hypocrisy of a non-unionized union sponsoring a back-door campaign to unionize companies like Walmart, Target, or any other is amusing.

However, it wouldn’t be the first time the UFCW has been caught waist deep in its own hypocrisy:

Unions Petition To Represent UFCW Employees by LaborUnionReport

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