Well, Isn't This Interesting: One of the leaders of Thursday's fast-food strike is a White House visitor...

Saru Jayaraman

On Thursday, SEIU-backed protestors are planning to “strike” at fast-food restaurants in 100 cities.

One of the many union front groups that are springing up around the country and which is helping back-door unionize the fast-food industry is the “Restaurant Opportunities Center” [ROC].


Headquartered in New York, ROC is ran by a woman named Saru Jayaraman.

In a Watchdog.org post, one of the particularly interesting statements indicated that Ms. Jayaraman has visited the White House to participate in “an unannounced strategy session on raising the minimum wage.”

The Restaurant Opportunities Center, a union front and ACORN knockoff, is extending its reach by working with other groups to stage protests in 100 cities Thursday.

In a push for a higher minimum wage and more union members, ROC is also hiring a national campaign director to shepherd the center’s multimillion-dollar budget, partially plumped by taxpayer dollars.

Though registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a nonpartisan nonprofit, ROC is closely aligned with the Democratic Party and Big Labor, notably the Service Employees International Union and the AFL-CIO, said Mike Paranzino, spokesman for the group ROC Exposed.

With her insider credentials, ROC co-director Saru Jayaraman was at the White House in May to participate in an unannounced strategy session on raising the minimum wage. [Italics added.]

The White House visitors log also shows that Ms. Jayaraman visited the White House as far back as 2010. Her purpose for that visit, however, is unknown.


While many already realize that the fast-food strikes are part of the SEIU’s four-year old scheme to unionize the fast-food industry, the fact that one of the leaders of the movement has visited the White House makes one wonder if the Obama administration is also giving tacit approval of the strikes.

More on ROC can be found at ROCexposed.com.


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