McConnell Signals A Cave As Hypocritical Harry Reid Takes U.S. Senate Closer To The Nuclear Brink

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With a potential shutdown of their coveted National Labor Relations Board on the horizon, union bosses have convinced Harry Reid and his Democratic cohorts to use the nuclear option to either force Senate Republicans into a position of acquiescence or to shove Barack Obama’s NLRB nominees down Americans’ throats.


It appears the tactic may be having its desired effect on Senate Republican Mitch McConnell:

According to several sources familiar with the matter, McConnell floated the possibility that Reid could essentially get what he wanted: Enough votes to confirm seven presidential nominees awaiting action by the Senate. But there was a catch: Reid must drop his threat to employ the nuclear option that would allow him to change the filibuster rules with just Democratic votes. Reid would not agree to the condition because McConnell refused to forgo filibustering future presidential nominees. [Emphasis added.]

Just to be clear, this isn’t the first time that the nuclear option has been used as a pressure tactic to force compromise.

However, when the shoe was on the other foot, Senate Democrats like Harry Reid were adamantly against the using the nuclear option before they were for it, as the Heritage Foundation points out:


Even Barack Obama, when he was in the minority (as McConnell is today), was opposed to using the nuclear option.

So, if Harry Reid and his fellow Democrats deploy the nuclear option (with or without Mitch McConnell’s acquiescence), what will their position be when the shoe is eventually on the other foot (again)?

It’s not too late to tell Harry Reid and his fellow Democrats: Don’t Nuke the Senate.
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