Palin's Third-Party Solution is Part of The Problem

I’ll admit, for a brief moment in 2008, I thought John McCain might actually have a chance at winning the White House. That moment was at the end of Sarah Palin’s RNC convention speech during which she took a mere 45 minutes to eviscerate the 18 months of image building that was Barack Obama’s campaign.


In 2008, to me, Sarah Palin was the “hope” and “change” the GOP could have used. Palin seemed to be more the ‘maverick’ than McCain ever was or could hope to be.

However, shortly after her convention speech, the McCain campaign took over, the Left attacked, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, after four years of being the quasi-professional bomb-throwing GOP outsider, Palin is tossing the idea out there that she’s open to supporting a third party.

via The Daily Caller:

While the idea is somewhat appealing to those who would rather flee than fight to save America, it is, ultimately, a fool-hearty idea.

In fact, starting a third party, would result in about as much success as Ralph Nader’s (or Ross Perot’s, for that matter) bid for the White House.

Here’s an analogy:

From time to time, union bosses have been pressured by those die-hard Marxists within union ranks to establish a Labor Party in the U.S., just as their European counterparts have done. From the time of Samuel Gompers, however, union bosses have rejected the idea for practical reasons.

Heck, even socialists in Congress know they cannot win on a socialist ticket.


As an example, there are those on the Left who have established a Green Party and you see how many House and Senate seats they have won (not to mention the White House).

As a result, years ago, the institutional Left realized that, in order to fundamentally transform America, they had one party already at their disposal and ready for the taking.

While many conservatives are fed up with the GOP, to think that a third party will do anything more than ensure a permanent majority on the Left is nothing more that wishful thinking.

Why Sarah Palin (or anyone else) believes that starting a third party is a good idea is anyone’s guess. However, what would be more beneficial is for celebrities like Palin to instruct people on how to take over the GOP from the bottom up.

Instead of people like Sarah Palin (or Rush Limbaugh, or Mark Levin, for that matter)–all of whom I admire–throwing out the idea of a third party to their conservative audiences, what would be more useful is for them to take the 30 seconds to explain how to take over the Republican Party–just as the Left did with the Democratic Party.

Cue ColdWarrior

ColdWarrior, one of the longtime diarists here at RedState, has written exhaustively on how to get rid of RINOs and take over the GOP and, I’ll be the first to admit it, it took me a while to finally “get it.”


However, the GOP is there for the taking for the group who is organized enough to take it.

If Palin, Levin and Limbaugh really want to rock the GOP’s world, they might begin with explaining how precinct activism works–and how conservatives can really take over the GOP.

You see, it all begins and ends in the precincts.

If conservatives like Palin, Levin or others in the grassroots can’t organize enough to take over an already-dysfunctional and existing party that is ripe for the taking, how do they really believe starting a third party can be done? One might as well believe in Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy.

Right now, half of the GOP’s precincts are vacant and ripe for the taking. The Left has figured this out with the Democratic Party. Why the Right has a hard time grasping this concept is incomprehensible.

Remember, if you control the precincts, you control the party.

If you want a conservative majority, then fill the vacant precincts with conservatives.

Precinct Activism
Once again, the strategy is simple. It does require work, though. It also requires people do more than just threaten to support third parties.

However, once again, if people are not willing to work to take over a structure that is already there and ripe for the taking, they will never succeed in building a political party from the ground up.


Here’s the simple battle strategy, if you want to learn how. [If you’re impatient, you can skip to slide 49.]

Unless you really think you can build a third party that can (you know) actually win elections, it might be better to scrap the third-party idea and just take the GOP out of RINO’s hands.
“Truth isn’t mean. It’s truth.”
Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

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