Eating Their Own: Angry Union Bosses Threaten To Attack Senate Democrats Over NLRB Inaction

Union bosses have a problem. After spending $4.4 billion on politics since 2005, and even with their very own union-funded President in the White House, for every step gained, union bosses have seen their agenda fall two steps back since Obama has taken office and–by gosh!–they’re not going to take it anymore!


From the failure to see secret-ballot elections effectively eliminated through card check to the collective bargaining reforms in Wisconsin, as well as the victories to end forced unionism in Indiana and Michigan, union bosses are having a darn tough time seeing their radical agenda fully implemented.

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Following the Democrats disastrous election results in 2010 and the realization that card check was off the grid (for now), union bosses hatched the scheme to use Barack Obama’s appointees at the National Labor Relations Board to see their agenda fulfilled by regulatory fiat.

Unfortunately, when Obama hastily and unconstitutionally ‘recess’ appointed three members to the NLRB their last hope for change was undone.

Moreoever, thanks to the rule of law (and a U.S. Court of Appeals decision in January) nearly all of the strides union bosses have made over the past 14 months to shackle America’s job creators and their workers may have all been for naught.

Now, union bosses are demanding action from Harry Reid & Co. to do everything in his power to fix their little NLRB problem.

In fact, not only are they demanding, they’ve actually resorted to threatening their Democrat cronies in the U.S. Senate if they don’t use every trick in their Senate playbook to make the NLRB viable again.

According to the Marxist publication People’s World, union bosses are fed up and are ready to take it out on their cronies within the Democrat-controlled Senate:


In a closed session of the AFL-CIO executive council today, union leaders are drafting, a resolution to Senate Democrats that will involve holding their feet to the fire until the impasse in Washington over the National Labor Relations Board is resolved.

“We have decided,” said Larry Cohen, president of the Communications Workers of America during a break in the sessions, “that in today’s America it is unacceptable that we cannot fill the position on a labor board designed to protect the rights of American workers, and we will no longer accept the argument that nothing can be done because the Republicans are filibustering. I want you to quote me on that.”


“They (Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Democrats) had the chance to change the rules and they didn’t” Cohen said. “Now we demand that the President name all five people to fill those NLRB positions and that the Senate vote promptly. We expect the Democrats to use every option, including the talking filibuster or rules changes to prevent the Republicans from blocking this. If they don’t, they can expect us to go after them like we never have before — in the nation’s capital and in their districts – wherever they go.” [Emphasis added.]

Whether or not Harry Reid & Company can do anything remains to be seen.

If, per chance, they do accomplish cramming more of Obama’s appointees to the NLRB though the Senate, it is not as though the Board will suddenly become legitimate again as many employers recognize the union biasness of the Board and are now looking at taking their cases to the courts for decisions.


On the other hand, if the Senate Democrats cannot quite fulfill their union bosses’ wishes, there is a very real possibility that, if the Supreme Court rules against the Obama appointments, the cases decided since January 2012 will be nullified and the NLRB will be effectively shut down without a quorum.

Unfortunately for union bosses, their problem is of their own making. This is why alienating (by actually threatening) U.S. Senators may not be the wisest course of action for them right now.
“Truth isn’t mean. It’s truth.”
Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

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