Obama's Stripes For Sale: OFA Sells New American Flag For $35

For those who have commented about Barack Obama’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder and his god-like attributes, here is something that will only inflame their passions further.


The Democratic National Committee’s Obama for America (OFA), run by the former SEIU boss and community organizer Patrick Gaspard, is selling an artist’s rendition of the American flag—only the stars representing the 50 states have been replaced by the Obama ‘O’ logo.

[via the Drudge Report]


While some hero-worshipers may call this ‘audacious,’ most rational Americans would probably see this for what it is: A creepy propaganda campaign aimed at a portion of the 47% who believe that they belong to the government.

Update: Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit makes this interesting observation: New Obama Flag Looks Eerily Like Blood-Stained Walls at Benghazi Consulate.

Update II: Flag Etiquette


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