Colt Firearm's Florida Move Has UAW Job-Killers In Connecticut Worried

As Connecticut continues to shoot itself in its foot (so to speak), job creators are rightfully beginning to look elsewhere for locales that do not view businesses as cannon fodder.


Colt Firearms appears to be one of the many Connecticut companies looking for a less hostile home.

To clarify, Florida is a Right-to-Work state and Connecticut is not. Which may be why the UAW is so concerned about keeping jobs in the anti-business state:.

via The Miami Herald:

The United Auto Workers says employees of Colt Firearms in West Hartford were distressed to learn that the gun manufacturer is opening a manufacturing plant in central Florida and are worried about their jobs.

The union said in a news release Monday that it is assuring members it will do what it can to keep the company and its 500 jobs in Connecticut.


Colt Manufacturing Co. announced earlier this month it is bringing 63 jobs and a new regional headquarters and product manufacturing center to Kissimmee, Fla., next year.

Of course, Colt’s move may also have more to do with the hostile nature Connecticut has toward businesses, or the largest tax increase in the state’s history that was just imposed in June.


Note to union bosses: When you bite the hand that feeds you by continually pushing anti-business policies, don’t be so surprised when that hand begins to feed someone else.



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