The Communist Revolution, Unions, #OWS & 'The Power of the 99% in 2012'...

Not that this should be surprising since Marxists have been behind and involved with in the #OccupyWallSt movement since Day One when the September protests began, but the Neo-Coms in the unionized #OWS movement are now getting more formal advice from their philosophical mentors, the Communist Party USA.


In a lengthy post about the importance of the 2012 on the Communist Party USA’s website, Connecticut Communist leader—and friend of Rep. Rosa DeLauro [D-CT]—Joelle Fishman spends the bulk of her time bashing Republicans, the “right wing” and the Tea Party while going into some detail about the CPUSA’s strong ties to the union movement in Connecticut.

Below are excerpts, not in specific order, of  the Communist leader’s lengthy post.

The doors are wide open in every community for 2012 with nationally coordinated grass roots work by labor and by the American Dream movement as a whole.

This election will be decided by the number of doors knocked on, the number of conversations held, the number of voters who are inspired to become a part of this movement and make a difference.

Where we have clubs that are focused on a neighborhood, door to door election work is made to order as a way to bring out the vote and build a club base. In the example I mentioned, we coordinated our participation through the labor movement. It all started with door knocking to find out what the concerns of the voters were in that ward, and it went from there. And don’t forget to bring voter registration cards along!

If there is a new club, or even if there is just an individual comrade in that area, the excitement of participating with the unions in an election campaign is really great. You are making a stronger labor movement and you are giving voice to the community, and you are helping to win all at the same time.


While many Americans understand that America’s future will rest on the outcome of the 2012 election, Communist leader Fishman spells it out for her Communist readers:

The 2012 elections are a pivotal moment for the direction of our country. If we veer backward it will be a giant setback for the newly emerging social movements and developing class consciousness in our country. It will make the crisis of every day living even worse, and foreign policy even more aggressive.

On the other hand, if the most heartless, inhumane sections of monopoly capital are delivered a blow, the conditions will be improved to raise the level of political independence and organization

In this way, the 2012 election is the immediate struggle that can move the process forward for fundamental change, for bill of rights socialism. As one of our state committee members in Connecticut likes to say: “The revolution isn’t somewhere down the road. The revolution is now and here in what we are doing.”

Of course, we’re told that the #OWS movement is just a ‘spontaneous’ outpouring of anger by ordinary Americans.


Yeah, right…


“Socialism has no place in the hearts of those who would secure the fight for freedom and preserve democracy.” Samuel Gompers, 1918

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