Too Far? CWA Picketers Stage Mock Funeral Outside Verizon Exec's Home

On Friday evening, up to 3,000 protesters from the CWA, IBEW, and other union supporters conducted a candlelight vigil and mock funeral outside of Verizon Chairman Ivan Seidenberg’s home in West Nyack, New York.


According to, the “vigil” lasted about two hours and began with an SUV carrying a coffin as protesters (including children) walked behind the make-shift funeral procession carrying candles.

Eric Goodwin, the vice president of CWA 1107, said the CWA had initially planned a garden party, but ultimately opted for a candlelight vigil, illuminating the disappearance of the middle class.


The crowd lit their candles before starting their procession toward Seidenberg’s residence. Along the way, supporters started chants of “God bless the CWA; save the middle class,” and displayed signs.

When they arrived at their destination, they placed the casket down on the street, stood outside Seidenberg’s house for approximately 30 minutes, and chanted “God bless all unions; save the middle class.” After CWA leaders spoke to the crowd about the importance of the vigil, the casket was picked up and walked back to the school parking lot, where the crowd reconvened before leaving.


When does a contract dispute between management and labor go too far?

If the neighborhoods and homes of employers are now fair game for union protests (see SEIU protesters descend on bank exec’s home, terrifying his son), will union bosses’ neighborhoods and homes be fair game for anti-Marxism protesters as well?

Is the home of CWA President Larry Cohen now fair game? Or, IBEW Ed Hill’s home?

Here are a couple of the videos from Friday night’s union protest (for more go here):

For ongoing coverage of the unions’ strike against Verizon, go here.

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