About Those Thousands Who Went to Joplin This Weekend...

If you watched the news on Sunday, you may have seen President Obama (dubbed the “Healer in Chief” by HuffPo) pay a campaign visit to Joplin, Missouri where residents are still recovering from the horrific tornado that ripped apart the town a little more than a week ago.


There were reportedly thousands that poured into Joplin on Sunday. However, while some may have come to see the President, many more came to show their support for Joplin and to counter-protest the vile Westboro Baptist Church cult, which had announced it would be picketing in Joplin.

Following the WBC announcement, Americans came from far and wide to make sure Joplin’s residents were honored, respected and remembered.

Charlie Brown, the rally’s organizer, said the event was not political and would have taken place whether President Barack Obama came to Joplin or whether the Westboro Baptist Church, which claimed Joplin had been singled out for punishment by God, had shown up.

Brown said the theme of the event was threefold: honor, respect and remembrance. Brown began the grass-roots movement on Facebook. His page received 5,000 responses in its first three hours, and 10,000 responses in the first 24 hours.


Below is a video and a few images from Sunday.


While there were reports that the WBC showed up, was blocked, as well as chased out of town, other reports stated that the cult did not show up. There was, however, one incident where police needed to escort a person with a ‘hateful sign’ away from some angry Joplin supporters.

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